Infinitely Reflecting Darkness. 2010. Mirror, aluminum, cable. 72" x 24" x 1/2"


Infinitely reflecting darkness
Expansion of space in no space

The moment contains the infinite.

Two mirrors are facing each other. There is no physical space between the two, yet the reflection creates an illusion of eternal space within them. We know that mirror reflects from our experience. We physically do not have access to the space between the mirrors. However we can imagine the dark space expanding in the mirrors. This expansion is infinite as we cannot see the end of reflections in two mirrors facing each other.
Some theories such as Einstein's theory of relativity, Zen and so on, claim that the time exists only in a moment without connections among with the past nor the future. To quote Gaston Bachelard "Time exists within a moment and it is a reality which hangs between two vanities."