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     Mimi no nai mausu (Earless Mouth/Mouse)



  Starry Night Structure        Starry Night Structure --the sunlight is a starlight       Orange Juice               LR




  Desert and Cymbal                The ocean in between my two ears         



I mistook a squid in its ink for the moon in the night.               Fountain                       Balloon



If every sound that comes out from a mouth is a word.          Licking an ice cream      



How to take off shoes without stepping on the heel         Handstanding              Lay an egg          Swollen space, expanded line



Memories that have been blown away by a strong wind


Window Project                        Flying over a forest of Christmas trees




A system to capture



Nocturnal Flight—Language, and rest from the language.
Speechless shells kept gnawing the words into their bottomless spirals, while I was swimming in the ocean of the language.

Recording Undeveloped Words     Angel        Cerstellation          Revolve         Astronomy          


 1000 cups of liquid sky          Parallel flight     The sound that of shells heard, and that of ripped paper contained.    Beautiful Occurrence       


 Rain of endless words



 Lead                        Mermaid




Fragments of A Long Sentence—the world appears as one speaks; it vanishes before the one finishes one’s sentence.


Sonant                 hello, hello, can you hear me, hello,



Cool me down crying baby (Music Video)



Detoxification and Dscending Matter             Slit                  Worm




MFA Thesis Exhibition 




Here -Standing Still      I have captured a cloud and am keeping it in a tank      Unraveling my strained thought




Germination                 The Macaroni Factory               I cannot be at two places




Static Motion                   A Man and An Alian          Keep one half for the other half




Moth                    Cactus Explosion




BA Thesis exhibiton




Greenhouse Effect                 Bubble Wrap                   Yes